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LUDWIG Fall Drops


LUDWIG T (black)

Ludwig T (white)
1984 T (front)

1984 T (back)

Hard Times T

Team Series T
Stanford Shirt

Bach Shirt

Pierrre Pouch Rugby (white)

Pierrre Pouch Rugby (black)

Ranger Jacket

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Better Direction of Knowledge




Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Loose Cannons On The Run Bike Race

IAmYourVillain X Adidas X PS14 presents...

The Loose Cannons On The Run Bike Race

October 1st
10pm- (at The Adidas Original Store)

PS14's weekly Wednesday hosted by IAmYourVillain has teamed up with Adidas to bring you 'The Loose Cannons On The Run Bike Race', which is a costume themed bicycle race starting at the Adidas Original Store on South Beach and ending at PS14 in Downtown. Adidas will be giving away a $200 Gift Certificate for best costume and the winner of the race will receive a $50 bar tab courtesy of PS14.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Support Sweat's Shop

Last weekend our friends and neighbors at Sweat Records had their store front burgalarized and trashed. For those unfamiliar with Sweat Records, here is a little description taken from there site:

"SWEAT RECORDS is Miami's funkiest indie music store and organic coffee house, located next door to Miami's legendary Churchill's Pub (est.1979).

Initially opened in March 2005 by Lauren Reskin and Sara Yousuf, two best friends dedicated to Miami's colorful scene, Sweat survived it's first location being destroyed by Hurricane Wilma and held steady for a while in a small warehouse in the back of Churchill's. Sara left in 2006 to fight the man as a public defender and new partner Jason Jimenez came on board in '07 to help usher in a new era and location for Sweat.

The shop is now back and better than ever in our expanded and fully-stocked new storefront. Our third location brought the addition of a full-service organic coffee counter, wi-fi lounge and event space - come on by!!

Sweat sells a wide variety of CDs, LPs, DVDs, magazines, books, Kid Robot and other vinyl toys, local art, music + etc. as well as a full range of yummy tea and coffee beverages. Everything has been sourced to be organic and fair-trade whenever possible and all of our cups, napkins, etc. are recycled!!

Additionally, Sweat continues to put on tons of great local and national concerts and host a wide variety of in-store events and other random (sub)cultural happenings."

"Mom and Pop" Record shops like Sweat Records are increasingly becoming more of rarity as the Music Industry adapts to the digital era. But these independent music shops are what keeps the Indie scene alive and is the glue that bonds the indie community together.

Sweat Records will be accepting donations and holding fund raising events, more info can be found on their blog

So the next time you are in the area, stop in and pick up that Joy Division album you can't seem to find at Best Buys, or grab a cup of organic coffee instead of going to an overpriced Starbucks.

'Saturated' Re-cap

Big ups to David for the pictures, and be sure to check out his blog at

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OFFICIAL Crown of Laurel (Purple Pack)

Available Exclusively At CULTURE KINGS

ROSTARR: Wreckless Abandon

Wreckless Abandon
October 11 - November 8, 2008

Romon Kimin Yang aka Rostarr, was born in South Korea but has lived in NY since 1989. He has been a key figure in the city's underground art scene and has exhibited extensively throughout the United States, Asia and Europe.

His free-formed work comes across as a universe of abstract and geometrical shapes from which symbolic and iconographic elements emerge in elegant and incisive gestural strokes. His work is defined by an expression he calls 'Graphysics', meaning the fusion of graphic art and design and the physical laws governing the movement of energy. His work extends into the mediums of painting, digital media, sculpture, textile and public art projects with the Barnstormers collective.

Yang graduated from the School of Visual Arts in New York City in 1993. In 2000, he was featured as one of I.D. magazine's "I.D. 40 under 30". In 2004, he was recognized as an honoree at the A.I.C.P. show held yearly at the New York Museum of Modern Art and his work has been reviewed by Art Forum, Modern Painters, The New York Times and among other prominent publications.

O.H.W.O.W. Gallery
3100 NW 7 Avenue
Miami, Florida 33127


Saturday, September 13, 2008

City of Vandals: Sao Paulo's Street Art War

Last week a group of 30 Pixadores stormed the Choque Cultural Gallery in protest against the "marketing, institutionalization and domestication of Street Art" by the galleries and media. Paintings by Gerald Laing, Speto, Titi Freak and others were defaced by the Pixadores.

A Pixadores is typically a youngster, generally from an underprivileged social background, frequently living under precarious conditions in the outskirts of the city. A pixador uses pixação a form of protest, but at the same time, as a way of expressing his esthetic impulse. Their social condition is, nonetheless, the ingredient that makes their symbolograms one of the most original urban phenomenons in Brazil in recent years.

The Pixos used this simple black and white flyer to organize its affiliates and members for there recent campaign against the Choque Cultural Gallery.
Tensions between the Pixos and Graffiti Writers are heating up creating a potentially explosive atmosphere which may lead to an all out war between the two factions.

via Wooster Collective