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R.I.P Dash "Sace" Snow 1981-2009

Dash Snow, born and raised in New York City, has regularly been associated with the “downtown scene,” referring to a sort of second coming of 1960s and 70s Warhol-era New York. Snow, who at a young age ran away from home, began to use drugs heavily, and joined a graffiti crew, started documenting his life at age 16 through Polaroid photographs.
Often depicting self-destructive escapades, Snow’s photographs captured the energy and lives of those around him. .

Herb & Dorothy Trailer

The incredible true story of a postal worker and a librarian who built a world class art collection.

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10,000 lb Hamburger Tour @ LIV

10,000 lb Hamburger Tour Miami

Wednesday, July 8th

DJ A-TRAK Treasure Fingers and Rye Rye LIVE!

Alongside Residents: CONTRA and Danny Daze

Dirty Hairy @ LIV
Fountaine Bleau
4441 Colins Ave
Maimi Beach

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Works by Sonny Kay