Friday, February 8, 2008


131 Projects is the current identity of Paris born graffiti artist who has been putting in work on an international level since the early 90's. Deconstruction is a decades worth of works done by 131 including works done under other alias' from his travels around the world. One of the more prominent subject matters of the book is based on the history of Miami Graffiti Penits* and there deconstruction. The book includes a wide array of works from street level graffiti to conceptual modern contemporary masterpieces and everything in between.

DECONSTRUCTION is the first volume from 131 Projects and only 50 books were produced. All are numbered, signed, and available at CULTURE KINGS.

** Over time the term has come to stand for any graffiti oriented building (or buildings) that has become an epicenter for graffiti in an area. The original "Penit" was the graffiti warehouse located in Doral, Florida. It was theorized that the building was intended to be a Penitentiary, but was never completed, so it was referred to as "The Penit". .

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