Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Hella International 2008 by Stones Throw at The Raleigh

The sidewalks up and down Collins Ave were seasoned with layers and layers of flyers advertising the over abundance of parties being thrown do to the Winter Music Conference going on this past week. Every hotel on the strip seemed to be throwing some sort of special event recognizing the week long WMC. And you best believe the people were coming out in truck loads to attend, wearing less than a loving mother would care to approve.

Hella International, the pool party organized by Stones Throw owner Peanut Butter Wolf was back in South Beach for its second annual visit on Saturday, pool side at the Raleigh Hotel.

After being diverted from the front of the hotel to a special entrance in the back I stepped right into the middle of a set being held down by the multi faceted Karriem Riggins. The people were feeling the vibe as they gently swayed to the music, rubbing there feet in the sand and gently nursing a cold cocktail. The stage was littered with familiar faces from the Stones Throw crew spearheaded by Aloe Black and PBW on the mic holding down hype duty pumping up the crowd.

Once I made it backstage some easily recognizable faces were amongst the crowd: V.A.'s own Mad Skillz was lounging in his "Airforce Ones", the legendary Dj Jazzy Jeff was having a good time sipping a cocktail enjoying the music, and Biz Markie was rolling through with his entourage.

The climax of the night was built up lovely by some dusty 7" spins by PBW, setting the stage up for the man everyone was waiting for, the mighty Madlib. The Beat Konducta himself hit the turntables and dropped some heavy originals, some released, some unheard of, along with a slew of throw back classics. By this time the sun was down, the cabana lights were on, and everyone was getting real loose, Madlib included. He was truely feeling the spins just as much as the crowd, stopping at almost every drop, smiling, nodding his head and waving his drink.

As 'Libs set came to a close A-Trak was up next and proceeded to pick up right where the others left off, dropping an incredibly hype hip hop set. Just killed it. As its second successful year comes to a close, Hella International seems it will become a nice annual staple fans can expect for years to come during WMC week.

Big Ups to COVET of Crates Anatomy for the Story!

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