Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ultraviolet Palm Trees

Ultraviolet Palm Trees

Bright colors and visual patterns collide at 21st century speeds in
Gustavo Oviedo's latest exhibition tittled Ultraviolet Palm Trees, which
opens on November 7 at the Butter Gallery in Coconut Grove.

Fascinated by the repetitive nature of numerical patterns and inspired
by the possibilities of technolgy, Oviedo adopts a philosophy of
delivering visual impact by any means available to him. Space age vinyl
cut outs, laser branded cardboards and air conditioning ducts share the
exhibition space with organic materials alike in a homage to Miami. The
magic city that has shaped his artistic career since its early start.

"I am not concerned about the difficulty of a
particular process but with the end result instead. Speed is very
important to me. The mediums used in my work are representative of the
technology available. My choice of
colors is simply a reflection of my surroundings".

In recent years the known miami muralist has developed a following of
young collectors that identify with his work. For
this anticipated show, his first solo in five years, Oviedo has
transformed the exhibition space of the Butter Gallery with an
installation of his latest works and a small retrospective from years

Ultraviolet Palm Trees by Gustavo Oviedo
November 7 - December 7, 2008

Opening Reception
November 7, 2008 : 8pm
Music selected by Shredded Beats

3135 Commodore Plaza Coconut Grove
Miami, FL. 33133

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