Wednesday, March 18, 2009

NIKE Sports Wear and NSW Preview

Today I was invited by NIKE to preview and be briefed on the NIKE Sportswear line at their Miami Beach Office which was the first ever previewing of NIKE SPORTSWEAR in Miami.
A quick preview of some of the upcoming footwear releases. Differing from the Lifestyle products, the Sportswear Line is more geared towards performance, flexibility, and function rather than focusing on just style.
NIKE's NSW Line is a series within the Sportswear division that is higher in quality than the rest of the Sportswear products. The NSW Line also features products produced by LOOP WHEELER of Japan which produces the highest quality fleeces in the industry. NIKE is the only brand that has their own loom at the LOOP WHEELER factory. The products that were produced by LOOP WHEELER are identifiable by the orange label pictured above.
NIKE SPORTSWEAR is using the ACG theme heavy in the next few seasons. The Wind Runners pictured are heavily based off of the ACG lines from the past and carry similar styling and aesthetics that are consistent with the ACG Series.

My favorite piece that I seen today had to be the ultra light Flywire WindRunner which is pictured below. The material is almost sheer and combines the latest technology and modern styling with a touch of a early 90's retro inspired look.

Before I left the meeting I was allowed to create my own AM90 using their ID Studio. Pictured below is one of the swatch rings that provided samples of colors and materials used in the Studio ID program.

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