Saturday, May 9, 2009

Lou Reed - Walk On The Wild Side

So I had this old man moment the other day when I ran into this kid who was completely dressed as if he was fresh out of 1992. I had a Lou Reed Supreme print out and as I was putting it away he asked "Who's that old dude in the Supreme poster?" I told him that the "old dude" in the poster was Lou Reed and he just looked at me with a blank expression completely clueless. I tried to explain his relevance in a way that I thought he might understand by telling him that A Tribe Called Quest had sampled one of his songs. The kid had to be 16 or 17 and he had never heard of ATCQ!
While reflecting on that incident and randomly browsing the web I came across this post from Et Musique Pour Tous

Most of you will recognize this song as the sample for Tribe Called Quest’s Can I Kick It. While I think the Tribe song is amazing, it’s pale in comparison to the original. Take A Walk On The Wild Side was the surprise hit single from Lou Reed’s solo debut Transformer, and was produced by David Bowie, a big fan of Reed. In typical Reed fashion the song covers topics like drugs, oral sex, race, male prostitutes and of course transexuality. With lyrical content so lame these days I find myself listening to The Velvet Underground and Tupac like they just came out. As a member of The Velvets, Reed was very involved with Andy Warhol and the debauchery that came a long with it. In fact, some of the characters referred to in this song are Andy’s “superstars.” via Et Musique Pour Tous

Lou Reed - Walk On The Wild Side

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