Tuesday, December 29, 2009


"There are rules! You break the rules, and this whole goddamn thing of ours cracks and crumbles! You never break the rules. Capiche?" Neil Dellacrose (Gotti 1996). One of my favorite lines of all time, said by Anthony Quinn's character; Neil Dellacroce, from the movie Gotti circa 1996. Even something that represents chaos, anarchy, and a general break-down in the moral fabric of society like graffiti has its rules. One of which is YOU DON'T GO OVER LANDMARKS! A landmark in graffiti terminology is defined by a piece, get-up, throwy, or burner that has survived the buff, weather, and redevelopment for years.

I first saw this posted on REVOK's site, which he gave credit to 12ozprohet as his source. REVOK also made a reference to the longevity of graffiti in Los Angeles and how lasting a couple of months or even weeks gave you close to landmark status. I think Miami's standards are even lower with you being lucky if your spot hasn't been buffed or gone over within a day, week max. In the case of British graffiti pioneer ROBBO, he had a piece running in the Regents Canal for over 15 years. So long, that to call it a landmark would be an understatement.

(Original ROBBO piece for the Regents Canal in Camden, London circa 1985)
That is until BANKSY decided to go over it.
However, ROBBO would have his revenge and claim his spot back! I think ROBBO was smart enough to understand the gravity of having BANKSY "collaborate" on his work.

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