Tuesday, April 20, 2010

R.I.P Purvis Young

Born February 4, 1943, Liberty City, Miami Purvis Young was a self-taught contemporary artist who is best known for his work while living in Overtown. Purvis brought legitimacy to Miami's art scene. Like many of the great artists in history, Purvis died poor. I truly have animosity toward those who were supposed to be taking care of him and his interests because they capitalized off of a poor man and his art, instead of sharing in the profits earned from his work. These so-called "care takers" put him up in what is comparable to a shack and barely provided the medications he needed for his poor health condition. His story is a sad one and at least with death he will be finally able to rest in peace. Although most of his public works he did in Overtown will never be seen due to redevelopment and sheer ignorance, Purvis lives on through his remaining works and through those people he touched with his art. "And so goes the tragedy of what we call the Art World."

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