Wednesday, July 21, 2010

TV Baby album and book

OHWOW presents TV Baby, the self titled debut from Brain McPeck and Matt McAuley from A.R.E. Weapons. More than a feature length album, TV Baby comes packaged in a genre defining 52 page book with artwork from Jim Jarmusch, Leo Fitzpatrick, Nate Lowman, Agathe Snow, Rita Ackermann, Spencer Product, Tom Jarmusch, Hanna Liden, Adam Greer, Aaron Bondaroff, Paul Sevigny, Ry Fyan, Aaron Young, Spencer Sweeney, Alan Vega, Dan Colen and Dash Snow plus many more.

Each artist was given a page in the book and asked to develop imagery that defined their personal relationship with television. Submissions ran the gamut from Aaron Bondaroff's logo inspired look back at the past twenty years of television to Jim Jarmusch's classic photograph of William Burroughs from 1978. This collaborative project, two years in the making, captures the musical and visual energy of downtown culture.
Jim Jarmusch, William Burroughs, 1978

Nate Lowman, Untitled, 2010

Agathe Snow, Greatest Creation, 2010

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