Tuesday, August 10, 2010

dead dads club

I recently went to visit my homies Scott and Rory, collectively known as Dead Dads Club Corp, at their new work space in the Fountain Head Studios Building.  I met the dudes while painting adjacent murals for Primary Flight during Basel and been hanging with them pretty heavy ever since.  The two were just picked up by the Mike Weiss Gallery in Manhattan, and was introduced to the New York art scene in a group show entitled 'Reflexive Self' also featuring Kim Dorland, Stefanie Gutheil, Kris Knight, and Marc Seguin.  Their work, which are done entirely with Crayola brand crayons, was the highlight of the show and had the critics buzzing.  Here are some photos I took with my phone of their studio while they were doing some new work for an upcoming solo show at the Mike Weiss Gallery in March.

Here are some of their works, although the pictures due the pieces no justice. You really have to see them in person to see the detail and finese of their work.

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