Thursday, December 16, 2010

I'm Back

So I've been off this blog for about a month now. Not because I gave up on it but because I was just so busy this last month.  Ok so I was made a partner in Primary Flight which meant that I had to get these dudes organized which was no easy task.  This year Primary Flight was bigger than it had ever been with twice as many artists and murals as the 3 previous years combined.  On top of that we launched our new permanent gallery and offices called Primary Projects in the Design District with a solo show by the homie RETNA.  We also had the Shore Club rented out for a week as well as curating and re-branding the Graffiti Gone Global show and helping New Image Art with their show at Cafeina.  Not to mention the 65+ murals we were curating and all the parties we threw both at the Shore Club on South Beach and Cafeina in Wynwood simultaneously all week.  It was one chaotic week, to say the least but it's over now and we're already starting to plan for Basel 2011.  This coming year is going to be a break through year for Primary Projects. Just wait to see what we've got planned.

Here's a few pics of RETNA putting some final touches to his works. I'll be posting more pics of Primary Flight and Basel week in the next few days so stay tuned

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