Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Moving Forward


Jay-Z recently announced his resignation as President of Def Jam Records.

When asked about his departure Jay-Z said, “It’s really about trying to invest in the future, trying to invest in maybe coming up with a new model. Because going in hard making records with artists and throwing those records into a system that’s flawed is not exciting for me. It’s not the music; people ingest music the same way. It’s just that the model of selling CDs has changed. So doing things the typical way is not in the best interests of anyone and not exciting for me. My whole thing is, how do we invest in the future? If everyone is committed to doing that, then I’m sure there’s a deal to be made.”

Jay-Z will continue to release his own music through his label Roc-a-Fella, which is under the Def Jam umbrella. Ella ella ella ey ey ey! Good bye Mr. President and Hola Hovito.

Jay-Z has been known to be a savvy business man understanding and anticipating future markets. Jay-Z is currently working on a digital music label deal with APPLE. From the king of the rotten apple to making deals with APPLE Jay-Z is looking toward the future and making plans for adaptation while others face extinction.

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