Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ripped Off?

I recently seen this on the Mosely Tribes Blog. The picture on the left is an advertisement for Rocawear Eyewear. In the advertisement, Jay is pictured in a black MI-5 styled coat wearing what seems to be the Mosley Tribes and Crooks & Castles collaborative Costellano Sunglasses. But wait, isn't this an advertisement for Rocawear? Now Jay rocking Crooks gear is nothing unusual, especially for the last year or so. Pictures of Hova wearing one of the industries most dominating labels; Crooks & Castles, have been popping up on every blog for the last 8 or 9 months, even rocking the shades to death during his Glastonbury show which was blasted all over Europe on BBC. But this wasn't a paparazzi shot of Jigga Man walking down Rodeo Drive, this was an advertisement for the launch of Rocawear's new Eye wear line. Of coarse the Crooks and Mosley Tribes logos were photoshopped out of the picture, but the shade on Jay are undeniably the Costellanos. Not a good look.

I found it very ironic that a brand such as Crooks & Castles who has branded themselves as the avant-garde of ripping off... I mean being influenced by luxury brands, are now being ripped off themselves. People have often told me that that was a measure of success, but I always thought that was bullshit. Especially because I, myself, have been ripped off a few times. Whether it was some half ass wannabe boutique ripping off my design or other stores and websites stealing our identity, being ripped off sucks! But I guess thats the price of success.

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