Friday, August 29, 2008

Banksy in the Big Easy

From the banks of Gaza to the satirical replication of Hollywood's most licentious heiresses, Banksy's work can be found all over the earth in many different forms. Best known for his socially and politically driven stencil art, Banksy has become the hierarch of the street art movement bringing credibility to a new generation of artists. And although Banksy's works have been selling for prodigious amounts of money, he has kept to his roots and recently bedecked the city of New Orleans.

Bringing inspiration to those that need it most is the nobility of Street Art. Like the West Bank wall on the Israel-Palestine Border, New Orleans is an area desperately in need of artistic stimulation. By keeping his works on the streets, Banksy is able to share his art with the people and away from the sometimes pretentious crowds of art collectors and gallery goers.

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