Saturday, August 9, 2008

Bernie Mac R.I.P

I woke up Saturday morning as I normally do, roll out of bed and click on the news. As usual there was bull shit on McCain and Obama with two so called political analysts going back and forth with each other about some irrelevant issue (not saying the Presidential Race is not a relevant issue but what they were talking about was irrelevant). Anyways, I happened to read the ticker and I thought I saw it say that Bernie Mac had died. Half asleep I wasn't sure as to what I had just seen so I waited until the ticker repeated itself and sure enough it said that Bernie Mac had died at age 50.

Born Bernard Jeffrey McCullough, he brought laughter to millions and had an extensive career in both movies and TV, not to mention that he was one of the funniest muh'fuckers on earth. It really pains me to think that I will never see Bernie, in another movie, TV Show or Stand-Up act ever again. He was an OG in the comedy world and will always remain a King.

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