Friday, January 16, 2009

Chainsaws, Chicks, and Parrot Blood

So I started my day by visiting my friend Joe who was at Carousel Photography Studio where he and another friend of mine, Jared Ryder, were shooting for Joe's clothing label called Last Rights. (This line is going to be major!)Check out here site

When I arrived they were taking these crazy shots of tropical birds by throwing them up in the air to get an in flight image to accentuate the beautiful feathers that are sometimes only visible with an open wingspan.

A little parrot blood

I left the studio to meet up with my homie K-Razor. We were invited to eat at RIK RAK by chef Ryan Nielson. Ryan aka Punchy is also Jim Johnson's personal chef and co-produces with Jim.

Instead of ordering from their menu, we just let Ryan do his thing and hook up some serious grubbage.

RIK RAK has a really cool concept. They function as a high-end beauty salon with a cafe and clothing boutique all in one space. A cool space with a good atmosphere. I met the owner Rik Waters. Super cool dude.

The food just kept coming... Not used to eating that much food for lunch. Pero, big big ups to Punchy and Rik for the invite and blessing us with the great eats. Check them out at here

After stuffing our faces, K-Razor and I headed back to the studio where they were shooting the more fun stuff.
"Try this on for size" OG Mickey Munday (Cocaine Cowboys) was on set and he convinced me that I could be a cowboy too... just by switching hats.

Jared in action... yea he has a hard job.

Naked girls and chrome chainsaws!!!
Sorry for the picture quality... I took all these shot with my phone.

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