Monday, January 12, 2009

Farewells, Ferraris, and Four Awards

Started out Saturday night at the Bernice Steinbaum Gallery. She was super nice and had this cool installation of suspended leaves. The pic below really doesn't due it justice, or most of the pics in this post because I forgot my camera and took all these shots with my phone.

Then my friend PEST aka 131 and I shot over to the beach to say goodbye to my friend Judd Katz. Judd works for Crispin Porter + Bogusky and they recently informed him that they were shipping him off, I mean transferring him, to Boulder, Colorado. I met Judd because he was assigned to do a piece on myself and the Street Art scene in Miami in which I took Judd and photographer Jared Ryder on a tour through the streets of Miami to document some of the murals that were up around the city (mostly in the hood). Anyways ever since then, Judd and I have been mad cool.

I get to this spot where Sam and X (friendwithyou), Alvaro (Free Gums), Pres (Crispin Porter), my home-girl Evelyn and some other friends were having a little going away thing for him at this little karaoke bar at the Shlebourne. I couldn't quite figure out when or where I had seen this place before. It finally hit me...this was the place where they shot this little DJ Khaled and T-Pain video.

I was going to get up on stage and completely massacre "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey but was informed that someone had just sung that right before I arrived. Which worked out for me because I really didn't want to follow this couple that were on stage before I was supposed to go up and sounded as if they were professionals (maybe wedding singers?). So before they finished I snuck away to visit my dude K-Razor who was spinning at the Shore Club were we got some free drinks and put one up under the full moon on the Sky Bar. So after we got a little nice, we hit the streets again.

So while walking out of the Shore Club I saw an Enzo parked out front. Now I am pretty numb to Lambos, Ferraris, Bugattis, Rollies and all of the other super sports and luxury cars because there is a crazy abundance of them here in Miami. However, I still have to change my pants whenever I see an Enzo. By this time I realized that it was too late to hit the Tattoo Convention that was going on that weekend and where 4 of our Tattoo artists were exhibiting. The rest of the night was more blurry than these pictures..I think I ended up at Pop Life or something?.

So I roll out of bed around noon on Sunday, hungover as hell, and some how managed to get dressed and head to the "Taste of the Grove Food Festival" where I stuffed my face and pounded brews. By this time the convention was ending and I came to the realization that I wasn't going to make it. That's the only thing I regret missing this weekend because because my homies took home 4 awards including a couple of first place awards.

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