Friday, September 4, 2009

Pantone Paint

Europe has been on the forefront of developing spray paint for the purposes of art as opposed to American companies who ignore the fact that 45% of its consumers use their product for Graffiti/Street Art. While the PANTONECANS have a decent design and concept, it's a little impractical.
The PANTONECANS come in CMYK or pantones, and traditionally these 4 colors were mixed to make and create every tone or color in the spectrum using ink and usually for purposes of print. Spray paint on the other hand, is a unique opaque medium that is designed to dry quickly and meant to cover. Even though there are ways to mix spray paint to create new colors, it is a very difficult and tedious procedure. Non-the-less, the PANTONECANS are still a dope idea however it's application is a bit ill-thought.

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