Monday, April 20, 2009

Prindville Prestige Lamborghini Murciélago LP-640

British tuner Prindiville Prestige specializes in creating one-off, bespoke cars to an individual client’s precise - you might even say perverse - specifications. Frank Sinatra supposedly wanted his Lamborghini Miura upholstered in buffalo foreskins; that would be no problem for these guys. Just take a look at the Murcielago LP-640 they just basically re-designed from the ground up - the interior modifications alone run to €330,000. That’s for saddle-tanned leather, hand-finished aluminum accents and specially engineered aluminum air vents, for starters.

Outside, all of the bodywork with the exception of the front compartment lid has been redesigned in carbon fibre - even the roof panel. There’s a bolder, more assertive front valance, eye-catching sills, a more dynamic rear valance through housing a specially designed titanium sports exhaust system, handleless doors with remote electric opening, and a restyled engine bay cover with transparent cooling louvres. To protect all you can also have miniature cameras installed in each of the door mirrors feeding images to a monitor in the cabin. Buffalo foreskins are extra.

via jameslist

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